Digital Music Superguide

Thanks to iTunes and the iPod, music has become an integral part of the Mac life. Those two products have helped displace the stacks of CDs most of us have been amassing for the past 15 years.

The benefits are clear. Digital music files take up very little storage space on your Mac; allow you to search, categorize, and play your music in new and exciting ways; and are portable. And if you’re ready to go beyond prerecorded music, Apple’s GarageBand app puts you in the studio to make your own tunes.

To help you get the most from your music, we’ve put together a package with insights on ripping and organizing your music collection. We’ll also show you how to pump the sound all around the house, beyond the limitations of your Mac’s tinny speakers or your iPod’s headphones. And you’ll discover how to create your own songs with GarageBand.

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