A Podcast of Your Own

You’ve got something to say. You’ve got a voice made for radio. You’ve got much better tastes than a ClearChannel programmer. What you don’t have is your own radio show or network to get your message out.

That’s where podcasting comes in. As I explained in Podcasting: Hear What the Buzz is About, a podcast is an audio-based blog that you post on the Web and as an attachment to an RSS feed. Listeners then use an RSS aggregator such as iPodder or iPodderX to subscribe to your show. When you post a new file, the aggregator downloads it and can automatically sync it with a portable player, making your show ready to take on the road.

Being a consumer of podcasts is all well and good, but why sit in the audience when you can be on stage? Becoming a podcaster requires only a few simple tools: You’’ll need a computer and Internet connection, a microphone and some software to capture and edit your audio, a way to compress the file, and server space to host the file. Here’s how to put them all to good use.

Read article at macworld.com


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