Stream Programs to Your Mac

Uh-oh—when your DVR lost power during the season finale of Heroes, you thought you’d have to wait for the DVD release to find out if Sylar blew up New York after all.

But you didn’t need to worry; the Internet could have saved you when your television catastrophe struck—and you didn’t have to download episodes illegally or buy them from the iTunes Store. To catch up on the breakthrough drama, all you had to do was head over to, where you could have streamed video of that final episode (along with every episode from the first season).

This past season, many television networks—not just NBC—finally began to embrace the Web fully. All the major ones offer streaming episodes on their Web sites. But that’s not the only place you can find free video to stream to your Mac—many sites offer content, both live and on demand. While the selection, quality, and viewing experience won’t yet replace your living-room TV set, if you’re seeking some video entertainment to fill your leisure time, all you need is a Mac, an Internet connection, and a browser pointed in the right direction.

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