When the time comes to write an article, web copy, or any piece, I always know exactly where to start. At the beginning. Or at the end. Sometimes in the middle. I realized a few years ago that I don’t think I’ve ever approached two pieces in the exact same way and had it work […]

Over the weekend I had to explain what I do to someone who doesn’t deal with content, and I found it a good exercise. Finding the right words to make foreign concepts relevant and doing it succinctly — that’s a hallmark of good content. I wear many hats, but the most encompassing title is content […]

For an existing site, one of the first things I recommend is a content assessment. This process involves evaluating the content on the page for clarity and comprehension, but also looking for what is missing. To do this, I have to think like a new user, but I also have to bring in my experience […]

Home theater speakers have taken over my office and dining room, boxes stacked and lining the halls. I’m testing these speakers for a large review and feature for a magazine. It’s a fun job, though all the boxes really get in the way. When I test any product, I create a test plan. The test […]

When it comes to web content, life begins after launch. Prelaunch is where all the excitement is: the ideas, the writing, the approvals. But once the content is launched and available to the world, are you ready for what comes next? Web content lives forever (or until you take it down). Every reader that views […]

As I try to focus the story of the services I offer, I thought answering “what is the single most important thing I should do when writing?” would be an interesting exercise. Content creation is a multi-step process. Off the top of my head, I can think of these parts: Voice and tone: Who are you […]

I’m pleased to announce my return to full-time contract and freelance work. For the past few years, I spent a majority of my time as associate director of web strategy for Duke Medicine — though I never stopped my freelance career. As I move on from Duke Medicine, I look forward to taking what I’ve […]